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CPSS 332, Week 3 Reducing IR Worksheet


Reducing Institutional Racism


Conduct research and respond to each of the following questions.
Each response should be 150-250 words in length. Thoroughly explain your response and support what you say (research, cite the source(s) and include an APA formatted reference list). Enter your responses on this worksheet. Save to your device and upload to Blackboard to submit your assignment.

1. What is the definition of
institutional racism?

2. What is the definition of
modern-day prejudice? 

3. Explain how institutional racism and modern-day prejudice can impact how human services agencies provide services. 

4. Create a list of common organizational documents that should be reviewed for indications that the agency may be practicing institutional racism (intentionally or not). Explain each choice. 

5. Create a list of questions that agencies can use to evaluate themselves to determine if services are provided equitably. Explain the purpose of each question. 

6. What training should the agency offer to staff to create a more equitable work environment for employees as well as for clients. Describe at least 2 topics that would be offered to new employees as part of their orientation. List at least 3 topics for “on-going” staff development. 

7. What are some additional steps (not already addressed above) that the agency should implement to mitigate the risk of institutional racism and modern-day prejudice? 


Revised 08/23

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