Redesigning a follow up team

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The program being discussed is a follow team. After meeting with one of our responders (clinician, peer support, police officer, firefighter or EMT) during a crisis, a resident may need additional support connecting to community-based care. CN provides dedicated follow-up, either in person or over the phone, from a clinician and peer support after the initial 9-1-1 crisis interaction. 

The Goal: Increase the likelihood that people connect with community-based care, reduce unnecessary use of the emergency room, and decrease the number of people who experience multiple crises. 


1.) the follow up team will go from working 8 hrs to a 12 hr rotation. What will they do during the evening hours when referral agencies are closed?

2.)what does a warm handoff look like when this is appropriate?
3.)How do you ensure continuity of care when staff are working a rotating schedule?
4.) How to ensure an equal distribution of work amongst staff?
5.) What does quality assurance look like for this follow up program? 

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