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Recruitment and Selection

Part 1: Chapter 3 Recruitment

How would you proceed as the assistant superintendent for human resources in a school district that is experiencing a shortage of qualified applicants for teaching and other positions?  You have scheduled a meeting with the administrative staff, teacher organization leaders, and support staff organization leaders to elicit their assistance in recruiting applicants.  Outline, in writing, your presentation, and develop five discussion questions that will help you interact with them about this issue.

Respond to the following based on your Chapter 3 readings and background knowledge and personal experience when called upon to do so:

  1. Discuss at least three pieces of data (quantitative or qualitative) that suggest there should be a sense of urgency around the idea of recruitment in the field of education.
  2. What strategies do you think are the most effective in recruiting teachers?  What is the story of your recruitment – would you characterize it as traditional, nontraditional, or cutting edge?  Explain your response.
  3. Describe at least three factors that influence people to become applicants – or not – in certain school districts.  What is the story of recruitment in your district or school – would you characterize it as easy to recruit high quality teachers, difficult to recruit high quality teachers, something in the middle, or would you use some other phrase to describe it?  Explain your response.
  4. Describe how the theories of occupational choice affect the recruitment process.
  5. Describe elements your author discusses as making up effective advertisements for position vacancies (e.g., newspapers and brochures).  Would you consider newspaper advertisements and brochures to be enough in the area of recruitment?  If yes, justify your perception.  If no, discuss at least one example of recruitment that goes beyond what you consider to be the limitations of newspapers and brochures.

Part 2: Chapter 4 Selection

How would you proceed to rebuild the confidence of the board of education and superintendent that human resources function will be fair, equitable, and transparent?

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