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Explain the controversy about recovered memories, summarize evidence for and against the likely accuracy of recovered memories, and explain how you would rule and why. 

Use only the three sources listed below as sources of evidence.

In-text Citations:

  • (Loftus, 1993) – For evidence supporting the reality of repressed memories
  • (Geraerts et al., 2007) – For empirical evidence on the reality of recovered memories
  • (Loftus, 1997) – For exploration of false memories and memory malleability


  • Loftus, E. (1993). The Reality of Repressed Memories. American Psychologist, 48, 518–537.
  • Geraerts, E., et al. (2007). The Reality of Recovered Memories. Psychological Science, 18(7), 564–568.
  • Loftus, E. (1997). Creating False Memories. Scientific American, 277(3), 70–75.


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