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In two paragraph, use(cite and quote) the reading material below write about:

1st paragraph:

Scholarly Analysis, What have historians or scholars said about Lewis Hine or his photograph?

2nd paragraph

Explanation & Contemporary Significance: How Lewis Hine or his photograph interpreted
today? How can our understanding Lewis Hine or his photograph help place contemporary
media in a historical context? How Lewis Hine or his photograph image significant today?:

Use these reading material:
“About This Collection : National Child Labor Committee Collection.” The Library of
Accessed 24 Oct. 2023.

Allen, Susie. “Lewis Hine, EX 1904, Captured the Changing Face of American Labor.” The
University of Chicago Magazine, 2017,

Baker, Rob. “Heartbreaking Photographs of Child Labour in the United States by Lewis Hine.”
Flashbak, 24 Oct. 2018,

Goodkind, Nicole. “Illegal Child Labor Is on the Rise in a Tight Job Market | CNN Business.”
CNN, Cable News Network, 30 July 2023,

Hinrichs, Alexandra S. D. “The Photographer Who Fought to End Child Labor.” Getty, J. Paul
Getty Trust, 7 June 2023,

“Teaching with Documents: Photographs of Lewis Hine: Documentation of Child Labor.”
National Archives and Records Administration, National Archives and Records Administration,
21 Feb. 2017,

Hine, Lewis Wickes, 1874-1940.. Carolina Cotton Mill. 1908. Artstor,

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