Read all the description that i have wrote it carefully

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Length: 550-750 words


This assignment will require you to choose primary sourcesand do the following: ( see the attachement file to find the source (book of odes). Also make sure to read the grade criteria and follow the instructor that on it, you find it in the attach file)

in addition this comment i have recived from my professor:

1. talk about the source ( talk about king wah, rich year, big rat, brosns, the worth wind)

2. talk about when this written.

3. they talk about what in this source?

4. talk about the back ground of king wen.

5. talk about translated.

6. why they translate the record.

7. conncdted to social class or religion or poilitcs.

8. talk about the north wind, what is going on? why they want leave goverment? why north wind may be similar/

9.write a good limits and translation.

10. footonotes check the Chicago Manual of Style.

11.Also, dont forget to read the information bellow.


  1. Identification: Identify the source (who, what, where, when) and determine the author’s point of view
  2. Historical Context: Place it the context of a broader historical event, trend, or issue (you don’t have to discuss them all.  One or two will do.)
  3. Historical Question: Pose a question that this source might be used to answer and explain how you would use the source to answer that question.  Your question should draw a connection between the micro (your source as an individual case) and the macro (some larger historical development).  By answering it, you should be able to tell your reader something that helps them better understand the time and place in which the source was written.  Please avoid the following: (1) Counterfactual (what if…) questions, (2) Reading comprehension questions (what happened after x said …?) , (3) Moral-ethical questions (Is x a good person?)
  4. Limits of the Source: Discuss limits or problems of using this source.  You might discuss the author’s background and biases or the kinds of sources he used.  Also, consider things that the source cannot tell you.

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