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Imagine if we eliminated the notion of free will when it comes to our  justice system. Present an argument that “justice” works better if we  seek to help and fix people rather than just punish wrongdoers.  

  • How will you include ethics in your present or future career?
  • How will you talk about ethics as a career competency?


Perform e-mail recovery- Explain why this information is important to an investigator  


   Define Weber’s concept of ideal-type and define Weber’s concept of  legitimate domination/authority. Describe the three ideal-types of  legitimate domination/authority in your own words, along with an example  of each. 


 support a position in one of the  business scandals listed below. Learners should write their support as  if they were the individual  “injured party.” Be sure to:
• Outline the issue.
• State your  case for why “you” are not guilty or the person(s)/organization is  guilty. Be sure to support your case from your research

You are the supposed “injured party.”

Learners will select from the following business scandals:

• College Admissions Scandal
• Fyre Festival – Billy McFarland
• Theranos – Elizabeth Holmes
• Wells Fargo Account Fraud

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