Questions about african american history – due friday night

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You need to answer all these questions, please read below on the guidelines and must answer all the short essay questions 

I. Identifications

In order to receive full credit on an identification you must: 1) give dates (in decades) 2) discuss the subjects significance/relation to American history.

            Individuals: say who he/she was and the decade(s) of his/her prominence.

            Phrases in quotes: say what the phrase means or refers to, who used it, and

            approximately when.

            Places: say what happened there and when.


Ida B. Wells                                       

James Weldon Johnson

Universal Negro Improvement Association

Haywood Patterson

Double V Campaign

Niagara Movement

“black cabinet”                                             

Angelo Herndon

Civil Rights Act of 1957

Oscar DePriest                                               

“Lifting As We Climb”

Tulsa, 1921                                         

March on Washington Movement

Charles H. Houston                           

Mary McLeod Bethune

Ella Baker                                           

National Negro Congress (NNC)

Daisy Bates

Executive Order 9981

The Birth of a Nation


II. Short essay sure to write why they are significant and 4-5 sentences for each essay




  1. What did the New Deal mean for African Americans? Was it a “fair deal?” Who benefited the most in the African American community? Why?


  1. Did African Americans make any gains as a result of their participation in World War II? Why or Why not? How were actions during the 1940s connected to the civil rights movement in the 1950s and 1960s?


  1.  What motivated African Americans to leave the south during the period known as the “Great Migration?” What did they leave behind and what did they find in the North?


  1. Discuss the impact of black cultural production on white America? What was the influence of jazz, literature etc.? How did art reveal contradictions in American society?


  1. Discuss the relationship between African Americans and organized labor? Did labor unions help or hurt black workers? Were unions a force for positive change?


  1. Why did African Americans begin to vote for the Democrats after the election of Franklin D. Roosevelt? What did this political party offer African Americans that the Republicans did not?

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