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Clinical Scenario:

Jane is a 65-year-old woman who presents to her orthopedic provider’s office with complaints of persistent pain and decreased mobility in her right knee. She reports that the pain has been affecting her daily life, making it difficult for her to walk, climb stairs, or even perform simple household tasks.

Upon physical examination, the provider observes signs of joint inflammation, crepitus, and a limited range of motion in Jane’s right knee. An X-ray confirms the presence of osteoarthritis in the affected knee, with joint space narrowing and bone spurs.

The NP discusses treatment options with Jane, emphasizing the importance of physical therapy in managing her osteoarthritis. Jane expresses a strong interest in pursuing physical therapy but is uncertain about whether to choose aquatic therapy or land-based therapy. The NP provides information on both options to help Jane make an informed decision.

PICO Question:

In individuals with osteoarthritis of the knee, how does aquatic therapy compared to land based therapy impact pain and mobility?

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