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The Questions:


Chapter 4 (States of Consciousness)

1.Explain what Insomnia is, what causes it, and at least 5 methods for coping with it.  Then, discuss how you relate to this topic (e.g. Do you, or someone you know, suffer from insomnia? How does it impact your life? What are the side effects?). 

2.Describe the physical and psychological effects of marijuana and the problems associated with its use.  Then, discuss your opinion on whether or not marijuana should be legalized. Why or why not?


Chapter 5 (Learning)

1.Pick a problem behavior of yours that you would like to change.  Then, explain how you could modify that behavior by using operant conditioning.  Make sure to include examples of positive and/or negative reinforcement and punishments that are specific to your behavior.

2.Discuss the requirements for punishment to be effective, as well as the dangers and limitations of using punishment to change behavior.  Then, give an example of a time that punishment was used correctly or incorrectly on you, and how that made you feel. Was it effective? Why or why not? What would you do differently if you were the punisher?


Chapter 6 (Memory)

1.Briefly describe the four types of long-term memory (procedural, emotional, semantic, and episodic) and provide an original (personal to you) example of each one. Please don’t reuse examples from lecture.   

2.What did you learn from our book or lecture that could help you increase your memory skills? Identify at least 5 steps you could take to improve your memory.


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