Psyc 512 5 short response

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 Kassin et al. : Ch. 6

Chadee: 1st edition – Ch. 1 (Reactance), Ch. 2 (Cognitive Dissonance), Ch. 4 (ELM), Ch. 12 (Impression Mgmt)

Chadee: 2nd edition – Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch. 5, Ch. 14

Chadee, D. (2022). Theories in social psychology (2nd ed.). John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBN: 9781119627883.

Kassin, S., Fein, S., & Markus, H. R. (2021). Social psychology (11th ed). Cengage Learning. ISBN: 9780357122846

5 short responses. Some questions will require a few sentences. You will have (2) two hours.

In an effort to save time, you do not have to provide references for any material provided in the course (texts, articles, etc.) but you do have to provide in-text citations. You *DO* need to provide citations AND references if you use an outside source. 

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