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Please read Chapter 6 : Proportion and Scale

ARCHITECTURE: Form, Space, & Order

Define “proportion & scale”

Define and Elaborate on “Anthropometry” and “human scale”. Discuss what you found interesting about this chapter.

Initial Posts are Due on Sunday with Classmate engagements due on Tuesday at 11:59 PM.

Your posts in the discussion area should exhibit careful thought and logical reasoning and provide evidence for your position. Each post should be at least one well-developed paragraph (approximately 100 words or more). Use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Please read and reply to the posts of at least two other students for each discussion. Your replies should offer new substantiated ideas or thoughtful questions.

Grade – Rubrics:

Proportion and Scale definition – 20 pts

Anthropometry definition – 20 pts

Human scale definition – 20 pts

Student exploration about “what you found interesting about this chapter”- 20 pts

Classmates replies – 20 pts 

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