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The unit lesson discussed the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim Initiative. For this assignment, you will identify possible implementation strategies for quality improvement in areas that fall under each of the three objectives.

Objective 1: Improve patient experiences by facilitating early sepsis identification and standardization of sepsis treatment.

Strategic goal: Reduce sepsis-related length of stay and mortality rates in your organization.

Objective 2: Improve the health of a population by extending access to primary care and other services for the local population that is primarily low income and/or uninsured.

Strategic goal: Develop innovations in primary care such as partnering with retail providers, creating a medical home, and community-based primary care providers and health navigators.

Objective 3: Lower per-capita cost of health care by transitioning from high-volume care to high-value care. 

Strategic goal: Designing, testing, and implement methods to improve reduce costs for people with chronic conditions, including risk prediction, preventive care, and reducing readmissions.

You will utilize the Unit III Project Template to accomplish the following:

For each of the above listed strategic goals you will identify at least 15 potential implementation strategies from the lists contained in Appendixes 3.2 and 3.3 of your textbook. Place the strategies in the first column. The goal here is not to create an actual implementation plan or specific order, but rather to simply identify potential applicability of any strategies to each identified goal.

In the second column of the template, you will then identify a specific action step that can support each strategy.

After completing the requirements above for all three strategic goals, save your template as LastName.FirstName Unit III Project, and upload your file to Blackboard for grading.

APA formatting is not required for this assignment.

Book reference

Sollecito, W. A., & Johnson, J. K. (2020). McLaughlin and Kaluzny’s continuous quality improvement in health care (5th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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