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The project manager for GDS is in the process of developing the Project Scope Statement for the PMO Cloud Implementation Project. You were chosen to assist the project manager in creating the schedule and updating the Project Scope Statement.

Your first duty in preparing the schedule is to create the WBS in outline format, identifying activities and tasks to complete the project. After validating the project tasks to develop the WBS in outline format, you will transfer the WBS outline to your Project Management Information System (PMIS) software, Microsoft Project to establish Gantt chart and project milestones. The software tool Microsoft Project will make it easier for the project manager to monitor and control each phase of the project.

High- level, tasks for this project include, but not limited to the following:

  • Project Management
  • Local and Online Configuration
  • Unit and Integrated Testing
  • Client and Web application training
  • Develop User Manuals
  • Software Deployment

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