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For this project, you will discover how prominent figures in Harlem influenced, challenged, and supported one another during the Harlem Renaissance.

You will:

  • Create a podcast, poster, presentation, video, slideshow, etc. Include visuals, audio, animations, and sound as appropriate. Use the program of your choice to create this project. For recommended tools, contact your instructor.
    Use the Drop Me Off in Harlem site
  • choose three people from The Harlem Renaissance to research
  • focus on specific examples of collaboration, influence, and patronage among the figures of the Harlem Renaissance
  • For each person, you want to find and include the following information:
  1. Explain the person’s area of expertise or claim to fame.
  2. Cite an example of collaboration with another person that you discovered.
  3. Cite an example of an artist, scholar, or patron who influenced the individual.
  4. Cite an example of patronage that you discovered.

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