Project description:case1:you work for a small advertising company

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You work for a small advertising company with approximately 200 employees. Scattered around the company are a number of separate computer workstations that perform word processing, graphics design, spreadsheet operations, and market analysis. Your boss has asked you to consider installing some form of local area network
to support computer operations. Create a list of possible computer applications that could
operate over a local area network and would support employee and daily business functions. What
type of local area network might you suggest? What would be the topology? The medium access
control method? What kind of support equipment (switches, servers) might you need? Where would
that support equipment be located?


You are working for a company that is composed of three departments: general support, marketing,
and sales. General support occupies the first floor, while marketing and sales are on the second floor.
General support has 28 workstations, marketing has 10 workstations, and sales has 30 workstations.
Some applications require that data be transferred between departments, but generallyeach department has its own applications. Everyone needs access to the Internet, the company internal Internet (intranet), and e-mail. Design a local area network solution for this company. Show the locations of all workstations andinterconnecting devices, such as hubs, switches, and routers, if any are used. Show also the connection to the outside phone service that provides Internet access. What type of local area network wiring would you recommend? What type of local area network topology and protocol would you recommend? Draw a floor plan for each floor. If possible, show both floor plans on one page. Use the following assumptions: 
1. Available hubs and switches have a maximum of 24 ports.
2. Some software applications and large data sets reside on departmental servers.
3. To support e-mail, a server is needed.
4. To support the company intranet, a server is needed.
5. The company does not have an unlimited budget but is willing to invest in quality technology.

I need solution in word document and few ppt slides to present in class..

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