Project concept paper – week 1 | MSPM 6900 – Capstone: Social Impact in Project Management | Walden University

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Please fill Fully the Project Concept paper Template (world Documents) – in the attachment – and follow  the Week 1 Assignment 2 Rubric.

To prepare for this assignment, review the information under “Forward Thinking: Final Capstone Project.” The information there describes the requirements for your Final Capstone Project. For this assignment, you will prepare a concept paper for your Final Capstone Project that must be approved by your Instructor.

Use the Project Concept Paper Template provided in this week’s Learning Resources. Complete each section, following the instructions in the template.

Forward Thinking:

 Capstone Final Project

For the Capstone Final Project, you will prepare a comprehensive project plan for a socially relevant project of your choice. Your project may be a corporate social responsibility (CSR) project aligned with the organization you work for or one with which you are familiar, or it may be an individual project you wish to pursue. If you choose to pursue an individual project, it must still incorporate the principles of sustainability and social responsibility.

The plan will be developed incrementally each week of the course. You will be provided with resources that will guide you through each assignment. As each week’s assignments are graded, your Instructor will return your work with suggestions to incorporate into your Capstone Final Project submission. 

The various elements of your project plan are due in Weeks 1–7 (see below). In Week 8, you will submit your fully completed plan.

Week 1: 

Project Concept Paper

Week 2:

  • Business Case
  • Project Charter

Week 3:

  • Project Requirements and Scope 
  • Social Impact Assessment

Week 4: 

  • Project Schedule
  • Project Resource Requirements
  • Project Cost

Week 5:

  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  • Project Communications Plan

Week 6:

  • Project Risk Management Plan

Week 7:

  • Project Quality Management Plan

Week 8:

  • Capstone Final Project Submission 

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