Project 3-consumer research | Accounting homework help

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Please find the attached document and create Consumer Research report.

Attached Files:

1)Project Three Instructions-Please go through the instructions

2)Consumer File-Data to be used

3)Project three Sample Work Book-Please refer and use the same format

4) Project 3 tutorial Video-Please see this video how to create provided by professor. If access issue let me know.

 Your paper should be thorough and concise!  It should be at least 2-3 pages in length.  You may only include some statistical result tables, scatter plots in this report. Please remember to put your written report title and your name on your cover page and page numbers on each page of your paper. Also, the document should be named in the following fashion: MBA 600 -Student’s name -Project two report.docx.  So for example, if Mr./ Ms. Good Student  in MBA 600  is sending his/her paper to me, the file would be named “MBA 600 – Good Student – Project two report.docx” .Please attach your Excel workbook along with your paper. ( Both the paper report and Excel File should be submitted) 

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