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 For the enclosed program you must write an IPO also run the program and explain the functions process. 

Programming Exercise Guessing Game (to test change the 1-100 to 1-10)

import random

# main function

def main():

 # Initializing local variables

 number = 0

 play = 1

 # Continue presenting numbers for the user

 # to guess while the user wants to continue

 # playing.

 while(play > 0):

 number = random.randint(1, 100)

 play = playGuessingGame(number)

 print(‘Thanks for playing!’)

# The playGuessingGame function receives the number that the

# user has to guess as an argument and prompts the user for

# guesses. If the user guesses incorrectly he is notified,

# and is prompted to try again. Otherwise, the user’s guess

# is returned.

def playGuessingGame(number):

 # Get the user’s guess.

 userGuess = int(input(‘Enter a number between 1 and 100, ‘ \

 ‘or 0 to quit: ‘))

 # As long as user doesn’t want to quit

 while userGuess > 0:

 if userGuess > number:

 print(‘Too high, try again’)

 userGuess = int(input(‘Enter a number between 1 ‘ \

 ‘and 100, or 0 to quit: ‘))

 elif userGuess < number:

 print(‘Too low, try again’)

 userGuess = int(input(‘Enter a number between 1 ‘ \

 ‘and 100, or 0 to quit: ‘))


 print(‘Congratulations! You guessed the right number!’)

 return userGuess # Start the game again

 return userGuess # UserGuess is 0 and user wants to quit.

# Call the main function.


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