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Qualitative is the measure of the data’s quality. It can not be measured using statistical analysis and often refers to personal preferences, labels, or anything that can be represented by words. Quantitative is the measure of the data’s numerical values. There’s typically a type of order that can be used to group the values. Although both have variables, the meaning and use of those variables are not the same and can’t be measured equally. The advantages found when using quantitative data are that the information may be represented clearly as a number (quantity), organizable, discreteness, and there’s meaning behind the differences in the numbers. The advantages for qualitative data are being able to categorize and utilize the word value of the data and doesn’t require specific order to properly represent meaning. When it comes to my work, there are many examples of quantitative data that I utilize to properly determine a line of credit amount and when to know to pull back on shipments. The type of numerical data that I use are credit ratings, current balances, dates, calculating how much of their line is remaining, how much is to be received and applied against the account, percentages, averages, so on and so forth. An example of qualitative would be the differences between my girls. My oldest has curly, blonde hair, blue eyes, likes the color blue, and likes to draw. My youngest has straight, blonde hair, blue eyes, likes the color purple, and like to ride her scooter. 

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Quantitative is a numerical value that is measured and ordered. Qualitative is a category that has variables.

I’ve been a nurse for over 25 years in cardiology and now work in medical eduation. We study risk factors for men and women, age of the patient, in relation to cardiac issues. Those could include hypertension (high blood pressure), myocardial infarction (heart attack), myocarditis (inflammed heart muscle) and a few other more cardiac conditions.

The patient’s age has a numerical value and is quanitative. The others are qualitative data and would be the other catagories such as men and women, family history, smoking history etc. We have just added a COVID vaccine category and a history of COVID sickness. We are seeing an increase in both of those with myocarditis and cardiac arrest.

I would love to hear if you know anyone with any heart issues after getting the vaccine or getting the virus. They clearly have a link in the data we are studying. We are seeing myocarditis in children for the first time so that is new data.

 In response to John and Kelly, explain whether you agree or disagree with their conclusions. Provide specifics reasons as to why or why not. 

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One specific consequence of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King is the militarization of some civil rights groups over time. Dr. King himself was a vocal proponent of peaceful protest; spearheading many campaigns for justice using this method. Often at odds with more militant civil rights groups, these organizations became empowered after his death; becoming some of the loudest voices in the civil rights movement in Dr. King’s absence. The message of these political groups was further supported by the assassination itself; being used to argue that civil rights activism is dangerous and requires more radical action and that strictly peaceful protest is ineffectual.

Kelly post

The assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. assisted in the passing of the 1968 Fair Housing Act, as well as the Voting Rights Act.  His assassination created such outrage that riots and violence were occurring, and I think that the Fair Housing Act was passed to pacify the angry masses. 

“The loss of King as an eloquent advocate of nonviolent protest definitely hurt the movement. And perhaps more important, the wave of racial violence that convulsed many cities in the wake of King’s death shattered whatever fragile political consensus might have been forming behind the idea of comprehensive reforms to address the root causes of racial discrimination and African-American poverty (Garrow, 2004)” (Mindedge, 2022) . I think that these events would have taken place anyway, but I do believe that the assassination created anger, brought attention to the movement, and necessitated quicker movement than would have occurred if he was not killed. 

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