PROC5830 – Pricing

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PROC 5830 – Pricing

Student Name: __________________________

Case Study Title: ________________________________

1. Major Facts / Major Problems: (List them)

2. Possible Solutions: (What is your approach to solving the problems listed above? Explain)

– Solution A:

– Solution B:

3. Possible Solutions: (Discuss the advantage/disadvantage of solutions listed above)

– Advantage A:

– Disadvantage A:

– Advantage B:

– Disadvantage B:

4. Choice and Rationale: (Explain your choice and why selected)

– Solution A or B

5. Implementation: (How would you proceed with the solution selected?)

Case Study write-up should be Three (3) pages long, typed, ½ inch margins, single space, and point

value “25” per the syllabus. Please use the format / headings provided above when submitting your


Be creative, think about how you would solve the problem, and take time in development of your


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