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Strong evidence (articles published in the past 3 years) will be used to demonstrate the problem you plan to investigate. Articulate a concise problem statement. Include appropriate published or relevant scholarly and peer-reviewed sources to document the existence of a problem worthy of doctoral-level research. Explain the need for and importance of the study. Present the general issue grounded in the research literature that leads to the need for the study. Identify the specific problem you wish to address. The documented problem may be a practical problem or issue in the profession or study context without an acceptable solution. In defining the problem, a clear discrepancy must be drawn between what exists currently and what is desired.  Although an applied study design does not necessarily require generalizability beyond the study site, worthy problems must be relevant and documented beyond any particular study site. Considering the potential negative consequences to the industry, sector, profession, or stakeholders is necessary if the proposed research is never conducted.


· Applied/practice-based business research problems should be discussed in the context of the evidence of the local problem and larger population.

· Ph.D. business problems are framed in the literature beyond a specific site document.

· Support your assignment with at least five scholarly, peer-reviewed resources.

Before you submit your work, check your problem statement for each of the following:

· Does your statement begin with “The problem to be addressed in this study is…”?

· Does your statement logically flow from the written submission from the previous week?

· Do you clearly identify the problem to be addressed by the study?

· Did you use current citations (less than 3 years old) to provide evidence of the problem?

· Did you identify who is impacted by the problem (e.g., individuals, organizations, industries, or society)?

· Did you identify what is not known that should be known about the problem?

· Did you identify what the potential negative consequences could be if the problem is not addressed?

· Is your statement concise (less than 350 words)?

Tips for Success

· Use APA format and writing style.

· Use a minimum of 2 recent (published within the last 3 years) scholarly sources to support each assertion or argument. Use Ulrich Web to verify the peer-review status of your sources.

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