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Assessment (formal and informal): All activities undertaken by teachers and by their students that provide information to be used as feedback to modify teaching and learning activities. Assessments provide evidence of students’ prior knowledge, thinking, or learning in order to evaluate what students understand and how they are thinking.
Informal assessments may include, for example, student questions and responses during instruction and teacher observations of students as they work or perform.
Formal assessments may include, for example, quizzes, homework assignments, journals, projects, and performance tasks.

Central Focus: A description of the important understandings and core concepts that you want students to develop within the learning segment. The central focus should go beyond a list of facts and skills, align with content standards and learning objectives, and address the subject-specific components in the lesson. 

Discourse: Discourse includes the structures of written and oral language, as well as how members of the discipline talk, write, and participate in knowledge construction. Discipline-specific discourse has distinctive features or ways of structuring oral or written language (text structures) that provide useful ways for the content to be communicated. In the language arts and literacy, there are structures for composing, interpreting, and comprehending expository, narrative, poetic, journalistic, and graphic print materials as well as video and live presentations.

Language Demands: Specific ways that academic language (vocabulary, functions, discourse, syntax) is used by students to participate in learning tasks through reading, writing, listening, and/or speaking to demonstrate their disciplinary understanding.

Misconceptions: For literacy, includes confusion about a strategy or skill (e.g., misunderstanding about text purpose and structure, application of a skill, or multiple meaning words). For mathematics, a misconception stems from an erroneous framework about mathematical relationships or concepts, sometimes based on informal generalizations from experience. For example, a student may believe that multiplying two numbers always results in a larger number than either of the numbers being multiplied. This misconception is likely to cause difficulty when learning to multiply fractions. 

Planned supports: Instructional strategies, learning tasks and materials, and other resources deliberately designed to facilitate student learning of the central focus. 

Prior Academic Learning and Prerequisite Skills: Includes students’ content knowledge and skills as well as academic experiences developed prior to the learning segment. 

Syntax: The set of conventions for organizing symbols, words, and phrases together into structures (e.g., sentences, graphs, tables).

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