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Note: Please write directly IN this template. Be sure to delete the directions in the template before you submit your task, but keep the bold-faced headings we provide.

Section A: Blog Post (this includes sections A1. Explanation and A2. Compelling Argument)

1. An introduction paragraph with a thesis and preview of the main points to come.

2. At least one paragraph explaining the technology, practice, or process. This satisfies section A1 of the rubric.

3. At least one paragraph providing a compelling argument discussing how the technological product, practice, or process will benefit the employees or company once it is implemented. This satisfies section A2 of the rubric.

4. In-text citations for at least three different sources. Each source should have corresponding reference list entries listed in section C: Sources. This also helps satisfy section A1 of the rubric.

6. The blog post should be a maximum of 1,000 words long.

Write Your Blog Post Below

At Femi Software, our unwavering commitment is directed towards the enhancement and refinement of business operations for our parent company, Qjay Title Company. The recent substantial enhancement to our Femi Software Vendor Portal has presented us with a significant opportunity to streamline one of the most resource-intensive and time-consuming procedures within Qjay Title’s operations. This development underscores our dedication to driving efficiency and effectiveness across the organization.

As Qjay Title managers, you are already familiar with the document-sharing arrangement Qjay Title maintains with ABC Document Solutions. Currently, when a new order is generated, the Escrow Officer sends an email containing the property address to ABC Document Solutions. Subsequently, an ABC employee manually searches the ABC server to ascertain if there exists a prior policy for the subject address. if so, they forward a copy of the policy to the Escrow Officer. The Escrow Officer then delegates a typist to input the prior policy information into the new order.

In your capacities as managers at Qjay Title, you are well-versed in the document-sharing agreement that Qjay Title has established with ABC Document Solutions. Under the current protocol, when a new order is initiated, the Escrow Officer dispatches an email containing the property address to ABC Document Solutions. From there, an employee at ABC manually conducts a search on their server to determine if there is an existing prior policy associated with the specified address. Should such a policy exist, it is then relayed back to the Escrow Officer. Subsequently, the Escrow Officer delegates a typist to input the pertinent information from the prior policy into the new order. This process, while essential, is undoubtedly time-consuming and resource-intensive.

The remedy for this challenge is found in the implementation of Business Process Automation. As noted by Moeria et al. (March 22, 2023), “Business process automation has been gaining more prominence in organizational management. It leads to a reduction in the execution time of routine tasks, thereby freeing up employees for more creative and stimulating endeavors.”

Our aim is to empower Qjay Title employees to engage in more captivating tasks, and Business Process Automation stands as the linchpin for achieving this goal. In alignment with Fortra’s observations, “The primary benefits of automation, frequently cited, encompass Cost Reduction, Increased Productivity, High Availability, Increased Reliability, and Optimized Performance” (Fortra, N.D.).

Now, let’s delve into each of these advantages individually:

1. Cost: Presently, Qjay Title expends approximately $3,000,000.00 annually on the document-sharing process. The introduction of Business Process Automation would facilitate the reassignment of current staff to new projects, negating the necessity to hire additional personnel.

2. Increased Productivity: Currently, ordering a prior policy entails manually sending an email with a property address to ABC Document Solutions. With Business Process Automation, the request would be automatically dispatched when the order is saved and fulfills the minimum search criteria. While sending an email may only take a few minutes, during busy periods, a user may need to send 40-50 emails for new orders. At 3 minutes per email, this translates to a saving of 120-150 minutes!

3. High Availability: The automation is directly integrated into the Femi Software production system through automation wizards. As long as the system is operational, the automation is in effect.

4. Increased Reliability: Despite the excellence of Qjay Title employees, they are still susceptible to human error. Business Process Automation eliminates this factor and ensures accuracy every time. By establishing strict and specific automation rules, Qjay Title will consistently receive the most precise results.

5. Optimized Performance: When a prior policy is returned to an Qjay Title user by ABC Document Solutions, it waits in a queue for the user to review it and take action to incorporate it into the order. With Business Process Automation, the system will detect the return of the prior policy, automatically accept it, and upload it to the order, without any action required from the user.

These advantages collectively highlight the transformative potential of Business Process Automation in revolutionizing Qjay Title’s operations.

Your role as Qjay Title managers is pivotal in driving the successful implementation of Business Process Automation. Femi Software will collaborate closely with you throughout the development phase to gather your input at every stage. Upon completion of the development phase, we will require volunteers for User Acceptance Testing. Subsequently, another group of volunteers will be essential as our live Pilot users. While some of you may have concerns about automation, Tharp (June 29, 2017) assures us that “Thanks to the proliferation of APIs, low-code interfaces and SaaS delivery models, process automation technologies are easier to integrate and deploy and cost less than ever before.”

To innovate and enhance our procedures, Femi Software is excited to collaborate with you and Qjay Title. The success of this project depends heavily on your invaluable input, User Acceptance Testing, and Pilot contributions. The business process automation project is expected to be a key turning point for both of our businesses since it will automate one of Qjay Title’s most time- and resource-consuming processes. We look forward to sharing this accomplishment with everyone.

Section B: Identify Employee Group

Please provide a sentence or two that describes who the people are in this employee group being used as your audience for the blog post. Make sure this group is appropriate for the assignment. It should not be customers; it should be a group of employees within a company.

For Qjay Title, this blog post was intended for the operations managers. Their support is crucial for the project’s success because Femi Software works closely with them on both new integrations and improvements to current integrations. This collaboration ensures that the software aligns seamlessly with Qjay Title’s existing processes and maximizes efficiency. The operations managers’ insights and feedback play a vital role in shaping the final outcome of the Business Process Automation project. Their expertise and cooperation are invaluable assets to this endeavor.

B1. Analyzing Business Etiquette

Explain how the audience you described above influenced your choices in writing the blog post to keep with the expected etiquette for blog posts in the industry. Include in this explanation an idea of what tone you chose and word choices you made while writing and why those were proper blog writing etiquette for this audience.

This blog entry maintains a welcoming yet serious tone, acknowledging the close collaboration between the operations managers and Femi Software. It leans towards a more casual style, with a focus on highlighting the benefits of the proposed initiative to foster enthusiasm and support. Given that the audience includes individuals with varying technical backgrounds, the emphasis was on the implementation process rather than the technical intricacies. The intention was to convey to the managers that they play a pivotal role in this project, and their insights are highly valued.

Section C: Sources

Please provide the full reference list entry for your three outside sources used in the blog post. Any information you use from an outside source (whether directly quoted, paraphrased, or summarized) should have both an in-text citation at the end of the sentence where you quoted, paraphrased, or summarized, and a reference list entry in this section. A reference list entry should include the following 4 items in this order:

1. Author (or organization as author if no person)

2. Date (or n.d. if no date)

3. The title of the article, book, or website

4. The publication information (if a website, the direct URL link; if a book, the publisher name and city; if a journal article, the name of journal, volume, issue and page numbers and/or the doi link)

Please review your submission, checking for spelling and grammatical errors before you submit. For more information and help with professional communication, see this
Professional Communication Resource.

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