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The model dataset is a list of movie / series titles from Netlix (netflix_titles.csv), which is stored in the same folder as this file. 

Dataset loading and editing in Power Query Load the netflix titles.csv file into Power BI. In Power Query, check that the data types are correct, or edit the column names if you want to follow a different naming convention. 

Filter records where type = blank or type = “William Wyler”. Upload to Power BI Desktop. Visualization Upload the Netflix logo, visually tune the report to its colors (see manual). 

Add a report title and slicer to switch between title / series type / movie. Add a card visual with the total number of titles. Add a line chart according to the number of titles added over time. Top 5 countries by number of titles – choose the appropriate visualization. Top 5 genres by number of titles – choose the appropriate visualization. Table with titles and descriptions of titles – will serve as detailed information when filtering between visuals. At least 1 visualization at your own discretion 🙂 

Data questions

 In which year did the most series be added and how many? On what day did the most movies be added and how many? How many titles did the Czech Republic participate in? On how many series and how many movies? Which country combination has the most titles? Bonus Which film is the shortest and which is the longest? What is the maximum number of actors assigned to a title? 

Form of submission: The final file with the report. 

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