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One of the company’s strength is the simplicity of their product. Each year Porsche’s sports cars look similar to the previous year with slight modifications that separate them and make them better. With this car, the company’s image is of luxury, high quality, and style that do not change drastically from year to year so that costumers will always know what they are getting and never be disappointed. They only have 7 different types of cars, 2 SUVs, 4 sports car styles, and a luxury sedan. Another strength is how they are so close to Volkswagen. Volkswagen now owns them but this solidifies their existence because VW is such a big company that it will never let Porsche go belly up even through toughest of times. They also have been around for a very long time and have a very recognizable name across the world. Porsche also has a very strong influence and presence in the motor racing world. In fact, almost all cars that Porsche built are basically purpose-built racing machines. They have been victorious in almost all races they took part since the very beginning, especially in the Le Mans 24-hour races.

Also the model called 911 is the only car that has been on sale for the past 4 decades and more. It may be a slow evolution of the model, but that is exactly what makes it a timeless machine, perfected in every minute detail with each generation. Porsche loyalists love and respect the brands purity in design, and unique character. This can be clearly seen with the slow and steady evolution of the 911 from the very beginning Overall Porsche’s strengths include strong brand image, high quality products for comparatively low prices, advanced technology, brands history and sports car recognition.


The biggest weakness of Porsche is that it’s strictly a luxury car company. Since they are strictly a luxury car manufacturers they do not sell that many cars compared to companies like Ford, Toyota and Honda. This is still not that big of a weakness compared to other groups because of the fact that they have the highest profit per unit sold of any car company in the world. Overall though Porsche’s weaknesses include, premium only gas, price sensitivity, sensitive to the world economy (victim of financial crisis 2008), small compared to other car companies, and pollution-environmental issues.

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