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The field of business plays an important role in the economies of various countries as well as the financial robustness of the world market. In this realm, big corporations have larger responsibilities in steering the direction of the economy in terms of the decisions that they make and the operations that they do. Their influence is not merely over other smaller corporations or companies because they also have a great impact in the society. These large corporations affect the society in numerous ways especially when it comes to the different means by which they approach their clients in marketing their products or services.

However, the impact of these corporations still needs to be analyzed especially on how they shape the society at large. There are observable advantages and disadvantages that big corporations have over the general public that must be given due attention. It is the aim of this paper to identify and discuss the role of large corporations in the society. In line with this, the part that big corporations contribute in the field of business and in sustaining the needs and wants of the public will also be emphasized.

Furthermore, the methods that most of these companies use in their business operations like commercials, advertisements, and mainstream media will also be accounted for. Lastly, the impact and effects of large corporations and the means that they use will also be assessed in terms of how it control the trends and fads in the society as well as how an individual view his or her self. Large Corporations Despite the feeling of some people with regards to the behaviour and mode of operation of large corporations, they cannot deny that this institution also have a contribution in the society.

These corporations are mainly responsible in the material well-being of most people. It is through the services and products that they render that the public could be able to have their necessities like food, clothing, and shelter. Almost all corporate employees work everyday in order to cater to the needs and wants of the people. This kind of situation is very observable in the current society wherein almost everything in the lives of most individuals involves corporate business.

The corporations have its faults and failures but the fact still remains that the corporation is an efficient institution that was created by human beings for the purpose of distributing resources for individual’s usage (Bishop). However, the corporations’ efficiency in doing its purpose comes with a cost. Some people are saying that in order for the corporation to function the society must give this institution the leeway when it comes to societal constraints so that they can pursue material ends.

Having the freedom from political, moral, and ethical concerns has largely benefited these corporations but these have been a source of frustration by most governmental and social organizations. Serious concerns have resulted in the leniency that corporations has such as: pollution, environmental degradation, product disposal, natural resource depletion, worker welfare, urban decay as well as the long-term health effects from their improper waste management. According to Bishop Rooke, these issues are indeed important and must be immediately address.

However, if the corporations were not given the freedom with regards to societal constraints then this would dampen the development of the modern industrial society. The World of Marketing Baker regards marketing as a field of discipline and an endeavour which existed for a considerable amount of time in the world to date but remains to be something that still brings fascination and wonders to today’s organizations (3). The primary goal and focus of the efforts of marketing is to inform the people with regard to the products and services (Steinberg 1).

For large corporations, this is used in launching the products and services that they have and introducing it to their target market with the idea that the population from the said group should be enticed to buy the product that is being presented. This serves as the connection between the companies and the society wherein the former infuses several values to the latter through the use of different forms of media such as that of the television, the radio, the internet, the newspapers, and other print and visual forms so long as it allows them to create an image for the products.

In doing so, the companies are able to make their corresponding contribution to the popular culture of the society. As previously mentioned, there are certain values that are sent with the marketing efforts of the companies. In identifying the relationship between popular culture and the different forms of marketing campaigns that affect it, it is important to define what popular culture means. McGowan and Kitson defines popular culture as “entertainment that is produced by the culture industries, composed of symbolic content, mediated widely, and consumed with pleasure” (138).

Popular Culture and Marketing of Large Companies The relationship between popular culture and the marketing of large companies may be seen as two-fold. Popular culture serves as the sources of ideas for the marketing efforts of the large companies. Just the same, the biases that are contained within the marketing activities, such as advertising, commercials, and mainstream media, also affect and revolve back into the popular culture of the society. The latter relationship between the two serves as the focus of the next discussion.

Several forms of technological advances today has allowed the large companies to create images within their advertisements, which may or may not reflect what is real. While deception could be seen as an element of the marketing efforts and activities, people could not easily filter this easily. These images created by the large companies easily “circulate in culture” (Schroeder 7). This is because of the ease that is associated with technological advancements to reach a wider set of audience and deliver their messages with much impact.

A classic example of how the media has affected the popular culture is the way the concept of beauty is reflected and perceived by people. For example, companies such as Max Factor and Ponds, large corporations which deal with products related to aesthetics, are giving much emphasis on beauty that adheres to the standards of the white Europeans and Americans (Moreno 137). It is important to note that since these large companies caters to international consumers, they are able to affect the perceptions of people from outside the European and American countries with regard to beauty.

The result is a notion created that people need to be white, tall, slim, and adopt the characteristics of people from these countries in order to become beautiful. In a sense, the advertisements and the commercials launched by the large companies have limited the images of beauty and make a limited sense of the values and characteristics that people should accept. Along with this, discrimination is felt by those who are not able to follow the trends set by the marketing campaigns of the large companies.

Likewise, the very nature of these companies, wherein they are capable of making big initiatives, are financially stable, and are able to establish their names and credibility, has strengthened their impact with that of the society. To a certain extent, their words are seen as something that people follow because they have created a sense of influence and are seen as leaders in the industries to which they belong. Conclusion Large companies have affected the society in several ways.

First, they have made their organizations available and answerable to the different societal concerns. This is brought about by the need for them to abide by the principles of corporate social responsibility. Second, they have affected the popular culture such that their marketing efforts have led them to send messages and images that are accepted by the society. It is important for the people to filter these images. Likewise, it is necessary that a review of the ethical conducts of the companies is maintained.

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