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 Week 7: 

If you have ever collected coins, stamps, or shoes, you end up with an assortment of items that are similar in topic (e.g., shoes) but also vary a little (some have heals, laces, different colors, and patterns). Building a literature review is similar to a collection in that you have collected articles on your research topic and are going to write about the similarities and differences you found in the articles.  

For this assignment, you will create the second part of your research paper. The literature review should consist of a total of seven to ten (7-10) articles related to your research topic. These articles may include any articles you have previously found throughout this course. 

Write a three (3) page paper in which you:

  1. Identify two to three (2-3) common themes in the literature.
  2. Contrast the findings and results of the literature.
  3. Identify gaps in the literature.
  4. Summarize the literature as it relates to your topic.
  5. Include seven to ten (7-10) peer-reviewed quantitative or qualitative articles related to your topic.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA format. Check with me for any additional instructions.

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You can use the old articles that I have listed,  but you can also find knew ones related to the topic… 

 This are some of the articles that was used for my last paper, you can use these are find some new ones related to my topic “Stress Management for College Students”.. Thanks…

Bland, H. W., Melton, B. F., Bigham, L. E., & Welle, P. D. (2014). Quantifying the impact of

physical activity on stress tolerance in college students. College Student Journal, 48(4),


Deasy, C., Coughlan, B., Pironom, J., Jourdan, D., & Mannix-McNamara, P. (2014).

Psychological distress and coping amongst higher education students: A mixed method

inquiry. PloS one, 9(12), e115193.

Elias M.J, H., Ping, W.S., & Abdullah, M.C. (2011). Stress and Academic Achievement among Undergraduate Students in University Putra Malaysia, International Conference on Education and Educational Psychology(ICEEPSY) 29,646-655.

Hintz, S., Frazier, P. A., & Meredith, L. (2015). Evaluating an online stress management

intervention for college students. Journal of counseling psychology, 62(2), 137.

Nivethitha, P., & Rita, S. (2011). A Study on Stress Management Among Student Community.

International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology , 3(1), 480-483.

VanKim, N. A., & Nelson, T. F. (2013). Vigorous physical activity, mental health, perceived

stress and socializing among college students. American Journal of Health Promotion,

28(1), 7-15.

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