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manufacturer and model of the other motorcycle (or motorcycles) and the distributor from whom the customer purchased that motorcycle.
On the basis of the above information, perform the following activities:

  1. Redesign Dirt Bikes’ customer database so that it can store and provide the information needed for marketing. You will need to develop a design for the new customer database and then implement it using database software. Consider using multiple tables in your new design. Populate each new table with 10 records.

  2. Develop reports that would be of interest to Dirt Bikes’ marketing and sales department (for example, lists of repeat Dirt Bikes customers, Dirt Bikes customers who attend racing events, or the average ages and years of schooling of Dirt Bikes customers) and print them.

Task 2:

The management is concerned that Dirt Bikes’ computer systems could be vulnerable to power outages, vandalism, computer viruses, natural disasters, or telecommunications disruptions. You have been asked to perform an analysis of system vulnerabilities and disaster recovery planning for the company.

Answer the questions below. You may refer to Table 7.2, “Examples of Computer Crime,” on page 242 of your textbook for more information.

1. Identify the threats to which Dirt Bikes’ systems are most vulnerable.

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