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Appendix J: Student’s Evaluation of the Field Experience Opportunity

After your field experience project is finished, please print this two-page form and write your evaluations & comments on it. Then mail or bring it to the Course Director.

Strongly Agree




Strongly Disagree

Not Applicable

1. I was given an orientation to the Field Experience

2. The expectations for the field experience were provided to me.

3. The Field experience assignment was practical and useful.

4. I was given support and positive reinforcement by NSU DEM faculty.

5. I was given adequate and appropriate feedback.

6. I was given adequate support by staff at the field experience site.

7. I was given the opportunity to provide input.

8. The field experience assignments were pertinent and applicable to my education.

9. The field-based assignments allowed me to fulfill the learning objectives.

10. My site preceptor was a skilled, knowledgeable, and good role model.

11. I had adequate access to resources to fulfill the expectations of this experience.


Very Good




12. Overall, I would rate this field experience as:

Please describe the strongest ‘educational’ areas of this experience.

Please describe the weakest ‘educational’ areas of this experience.

Please list where improvements can be made for future students.

Would you recommend this site to other students? ___ Yes ___ No

If yes, why? If no, why not?

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