Phylum profile, and key features of living things | GS 102 Life Science

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Intro to Life Science – Week 7 Assignment

Phylum Profile

Choose one of the phylum under the Animal Kingdom, discussed in Chapter 16. Create a profile for that phylum including the following criteria:

·  Explain the key factors that separate this phylum from others in the animal kingdom

·  Show and explain some of the diversity in the phylum

·  Address the economic impacts, good or bad, of the organisms in the phylum

·  Address the ecosystem benefits, good or bad, of the organisms in the phylum

Your profile should be approximately 500 words in length. Use this template and cite your references.


Intro to Life Science – Week 1 Assignment

Key Features of Living Things

In your own words, explain the four key features of living organisms that the textbook highlights. For each of those key features, use a living organism from the list below to explain how that organism demonstrates that trait. Include a reference list.

Organisms (or not) list:

Virus                Mushroom                   Watermelon                Butterfly                     

Bird                  Almond                        Cat                              Onion

Bread              Soda                            Tornado                       Coral

Please use this template to complete this assignment.

Your completed assignment should be a minimum of 500 words in length.

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