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Philippines has displaced Indonesia as Asean economic leader — S&P

I consider this as a good news for us Filipinos. We may not feel the economic growth for now but it’s actually a good thing that we have indicators of how well or poor our economy is doing. This article only means that we will now be able attract more investors to invest in the Philippines. More foreign investors means more job opportunities just like jobs for construction workers. And yes, it is not permanent but if this will continue, life will be a lot easier for the future generations. Our concern should not just be for ourselves but for the future of our country. We need to work the common good. We should all be positive in dealing with our problems and consider news like this as a blessing. More positive news like this is an indication that our economy is doing very well. It feels really good to know that this is actually happening.

Despite all that we have encountered in the past years, during the past administration, we are still able to survive and are trying to improve even more. If we really want to contribute to the growth of our economy, we should learn to be productive. Don’t contribute to the growing rate of unemployment. Look for a stable job instead to help feed your family and in that simple way, you can greatly help the economy of our nation. Anything worth having is worth working hard for. Those things that we have quickly achieved will not last long. So we have to continue to work hard for ourselves and for other people. And little by little, we will be able to save our nation. Let us believe in what our leader can do and what we can do for our country. News like this is favorable to us. This only means that our President is really trying to fulfill his promises.

Philippines is fastest growing Asian country for first quarter of 2013 I believe that this is more of a reminder for us to do the best that we can do to help our country. This article shows two sides of the story – the negative and the positive which I consider a good thing. Good thing because it depicts reality. “Philippines is fastest growing Asian country for first quarter of 2013,” only for the first quarter, not for the whole year. Yes, we are just halfway through the year. But what I mean is, nothing is permanent and everything doesn’t happen in a blink of an eye. With all the bad news that we can hear everyday, having this kind of article does not mean that we are able to get through it all. I am not trying to be negative.

I just want to give emphasis to those negative things that we can turn into positive. The Philippines is still facing many challenges. One of which is still the growing rate of unemployment. I would like to give emphasis on issues of job mismatch. I believe that the only way to solve this is through education. For me, we should never stop learning. Even when we graduate from school and even when we are already working. We have to continue to enhance our skills to do better things. Before students graduate from High School, they should already have an idea of what they want to become in the future. That will bring out the best in themselves. And when they graduate, they have to look for a job that they love and they will never get tired of doing it. How is this possible? Let everyone be informed of the importance of education. Continue to inspire and Motivate. Share stories of hope. Pay it forward. Economic Expansion slows down in Japan

This is kind of surprising to know but I believe they can get over this. They are very hardworking, very creative, unique and one of the countries we all look forward to. With how they are able to maintain a good economy, good people, that is something. But then again, let’s face the reality. Japan’s public debt surpassed the 1 quadrillion yen (£6.7tn) mark last week and the country needs a strong recovery to boost tax revenues enough to begin reducing its debt burden. It will raise pressure on the leader. Japan has always been competitive and this is a challenge for them. Many of Japan’s corporations have enjoyed higher profits due to the yen’s fall against other currencies, boosting the value of their overseas earnings when counted in yen terms. The recovery in exports has been a boon for global corporations, such as Toyota.But corporate investment has remained flat, falling 0.1% in April to June. Residential investment also weakened, despite signs of a recovery in housing construction. Meanwhile, wages have risen only for some workers, accentuating concerns over whether household income will keep pace as prices rise under the government’s campaign to end deflation through extreme monetary easing.

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