Pharmacological treatment for addiction | Pharmacology homework help

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 Research pharmacological treatment for addiction. Look up scholarly journal articles on the topic, and review these two resources.

These are a little older but relevant to the history of addiction treatment.

Written component: 

Identify the symptoms of use (this is different from DSM criteria – think more about how will you know if someone is under the influence), withdrawal symptoms, detrimental effects of use (on the body, family, society, financially, etc.) of Alcohol Use Disorder and Opioid Use Disorder.  

Compare and contrast the pharmacological approaches to the treatment of these addiction disorders that you chose. 

Be sure that you address all components of this section for the two disorders:  symptoms of use (7/7pts), symptoms of withdrawal (7/7pts), detrimental effects (7/7pts), and compare and contrast pharmacological approaches to two substance use disorders (7/7pts). 

APA format and writing (4pts). 

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