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Peer Review Journal Articles.

APA Style

1. Using the FSCJ library website (refer to the library search directions below ), you will search for the peer-reviewed journal article “Working for free in the VIP: Relational work and the production of consent.” Once you find the article, you will download the PDF file, save it, and then submit the PDF file in Canvas.

2. After you have completed the first part of this assignment, you will search for three of your own peer-reviewed academic journal articles. Please use the
 library search directions below to make sure that the journal articles that you select for this assignment are “peer-reviewed” (meaning that the articles are published in an academic journal and reviewed by experts in the field). You can research any human services-related topic that interests you. Once you find three peer-reviewed journal articles, you will create your own short literature review by synthesizing the main findings in these articles using APA style guidelines and in-text citations. You will then create a reference list for all three articles.

Articles attached in separate form.

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