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Fundamental Skill: Demonstrate locomotor skills (running, jumping, skipping, crawling, marching, and etc. ) State Standard: Georgia, The Georgia Performance Standards for Physical Education are founded on the National Physical Education Standards established by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education.

(NASPE) The Standards suggest what a physically educated student must know and be able to at every grade level (K-12) There are six standards and they are “demonstrates capability in motor skills and movement patterns needed to accomplish a selection of physical activities, demonstrates understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics as they apply to the learning and performance of physical activities, participates regularly in physical activity, achieves and maintains a health-enhancing level of physical fitness, exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity settings. ” Lesson Introduction.

Description of the Lesson: The students would be playing follow the leader. This lesson is great for kindergarten children to learn different locomotor skills such as crawling, marching, running, jumping, and etc. This lesson has a low level of safety concerns. Student Learning Objective: The purpose of this lesson is to get children to use a selection of locomotor skills to move in different directions and routes. This lesson will also help build cooperative recreation abilities used while trailing a partner. Classroom Management: I will be placing the students in groups; there are 18 students so I will break them up into six groups of three students per group.

I will give the students the chance to decide who is going to be the leader first, if they cannot decide calmly who goes first I will pick for them. After I place the students in their groups I will then explain the rules and safety precautions at this time.

I will explain that everyone would get the chance to be the leader and a follower. Each child will get 60 seconds each to be the leader so that every student would get a chance to be the leader. I will explain that the leader has to move around in different directions and not to perform hard traveling patterns for their partners. For safety persecutions I will make sure that they keep their distance from other groups so that they do not bump into another group.

Any student who does not follow the rules would be taken out of the activity immediately and given an alternative assignment. At the end of the lesson I will tell the students that they did a great job and explain the importance of the lesson in a way that they could understand.

Equipment and Environment: The lesson will take place in a large area outside of the school free of any obstruction. There will be bright orange place markers so the children know not to wonder out of the designated areas. Lesson Procedure Introducing the Lesson: Hello class today we going to play follow the leader. First I’m going to demonstrate the roles of leader and follower. I’m also going to show you what you can and cannot do in this lesson.

Safety, Rules, Protocols: The lesson follow the leader is a low risk activity. For safety measures you are not to get two huge steps for each other. The only things you can do to insure no one gets hurt are crawl, walk, run, jump, march, and go in different directions. Also keep your distance from other groups so that you do not bump into one another. you are not allowed to go outside the areas that are marked with bright orange place markers. Any student who does not follow the rules will sit in time out, if that does not work you will be giving an alternative assignment, and the last if you continue to misbehave I will then take you down to the principle office.

Teaching/Assessing: I will be walking around to monitor and assist each group and making sure that each group of students are performing each part of the lesson. If I see that a student is having a hard time performing one of the locomotor skills in this lesson I will work with them until the student has mastered the skill that they were having trouble with, Home Connection: Dear Parents, It is an honor to be able to able to work with your children.

The purpose of this email is to provide you with an activity that you could do at home to help your child practice the locomotor skill running that they learned in class. Your child could chase the dog around in the yard that will help them grasp the locomotor skill running.

If you have questions feel free to email me or stop by the classroom. Mrs. Williams Lesson Accommodations: Accommodations for Children with Disabilities: Children who are in a wheelchair can roll themselves, or can have a partner push them through the pathways.

Children who have some movement limitations can still participate in this lesson but their partner will have to move slowly. In the Event of Change in Venue: In case there we have find another place to do our lesson because of another class using the space. I will find empty classroom that is big enough for me to be able to teach this a lesson and for my students to be able to participate.

Accommodating a few Students from First Grade: To accommodate some student’s from first grade into my lesson I will put them into a group and switch them out with my kindergarteners who already finished the lesson. After the Lesson Review: At the end of the lesson I will have the students clean up after the lesson. I will then go over with students what the purpose of today’s lesson. I will ask them questions about what they learned and enjoyed about this lesson.

I will then ask for a few volunteers to demonstrate some of the skills that was in today’s lesson. REFERENCES Georgia Department of Education . (2014, January 13). Retrieved from GEORGIA PERFORMANCE STANDARDS for PHYSICAL EDUCATION: https://www. georgiastandards. org/standards/GPS%20Support%20Docs/Physical_Education_Standards_4-30-09. pdf Pre-school PE Lesson Ideas. (2014, January ).

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