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Each group has been assigned a topic that the group will research. 

The first portion of the paper requires that each student locate two peer reviewed articles about the group’s topic. These articles MUST be from journal articles from the economic field. Complete the list below for each article

  • Cite the article using the APA style – including in-text      citations. 
  • Completed Individually
    • Write a concise summary – in your own words, no copying       – of no less than 200 words for each article that complies with the       following:
      • Summarize the information presented (include Reference        Information and student name with each)

§ Possible shortcomings or biases of the work

§ What you found most interesting in this work. 

The second portion of the paper for this project relates to group interaction/group discussion/peer teaching. As a group, discuss your articles. What did you learn? What was most interesting? What was surprising? (Once again, no two students in the group can use the same article reference).

· Completed as a group (after group discussion):

o Explain at least two items that your articles agreed on. (a minimum of 75 words per item for a minimum total of 150 words). 

o Explain at least two items that your articles disagreed on (a minimum of 75 words per item for a minimum total of 150 words).

In general terms: The final paper should include: a cover page with each participating group member’s name and a Reference Page which uses APA stye. Also, the individual summaries should be organized per student with the student’s name listed before those. 

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