Paper (movie-gattaca) | Computer Science homework help

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Paper (movie-gattaca) | Computer Science homework help  (Movie link)

Paper Contents

There will be five smaller parts that make up one larger paper: a brief summary followed by four prompts.

Brief Summary

Describe your experience with this movie. Please answer all of these questions in full, complete sentences. This section should be no less than 1.5 pages (½ a page for each bullet).

  • Provide a brief summary of the movie. You MUST use specific examples from the movie in your answer. (At least ½ page)
  • What was your opinion of the movie? You MUST use specific examples from the movie in your answer. (At least ½ page)
  • How feasible do you think the technology shown in the movie is? Why or why not? Use specific examples of at least ONE (1) technology used in the movie. (At least ½ page)

Essay questions/Prompts (Choose 4)

We have specific prompts for each movie. Once you decide which movie you will cover for your paper, you can pick four of the prompts from that movie to include in your paper.

For each prompt that you chose, adhere to the following requirements:

  • Your response to the prompt must be at least ½ page. Do not go over 1 page.
  • You must include at least ONE (1) DIRECT example from lecture material from this entire semester of lecture PER question. This could be a specific lecture topic, discussion during lecture, quote from lecture.
    • Remember to cite lecture resources
  • Use a combination of personal opinion and research (cited!) to answer. (Please see “research” at the bottom of this assignment.)
  • Please put each question on a separate page (use page breaks) within the paper with the question at the top so we know what question you have chosen to answer.


  • At least 4 external references/sources total. Only 1 may be Wikipedia.
  • At least one direct lecture citation for each question.

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