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1. Choose a topic on data governance/privacy that has an ethical dilemma (a non-comprehensive list has been provided below). Take a position in favor or against the topic/company you chose. Provide both quantitative and qualitative information to support your position, including ample sources from your research.

2. Propose a solution to the ethical dilemma. This could include legislation, regulation, monetization, or stopping a practice. Be specific in your recommended action.

3. Identify key stakeholders and conduct an analysis on what is important to each party and why. How would your recommended solution impact each group? What could you do to influence your stakeholders to adopt your solution?

In discussing your position, be sure you are explicit in your explanation of the ethical dilemma and how it affects the communities involved.

Word Count and Structure Guidelines

  • 750 to 1000 words (not including title, headings, or bibliography)
  • Include a title page that includes your name and cohort.
  • An introduction that summarizes the entire paper. (5-10 sentences).
    • Note that this is not a description of what the paper is about but a summary of the entire paper. In other words, if someone only read the opening paragraph, would they have a strong understanding of your analysis and recommendations?
  • Strengthen your storytelling by using numbers and charts, where/if relevant.
  • Provide a minimum of three (3) relevant sources, cited in A.P.A. format.

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