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The purpose of the project is to create an incident response/disaster recovery document that can be used by your organization in the event of a perceived or potential threat that may harm your business or employees. First, make sure it is a credible solution since a hurricane disaster plan for a business in Michigan is about as realistic as a loss of power due to a major snow storm at sea level in Hawaii. Yes, it could happen, but the likelihood is very slim. Second, it should be a threat that has a potential for happening such as mechanical failure, natural disaster, human caused and so on. Lastly, make sure it is a business and a geographic location you are familiar with to make this a worthwhile exercise.

Examples of incidents could include, but not be limited to;

Malicious Virus infects a computer

Employee Destruction of Critical Information

ISP provider goes down

City-wide Power Outage


Physical break-in with damage and/or theft of major equipment

Paper Requirements:

(1pg) Cover page


Course Number


(~2pgs) Business overview

Current business situation



Geographical Location

Potential threats

The purpose of the document

Known threats encountered by other businesses in a similar setting

(5-8pgs) Incident response/disaster recovery/contingency planning

This may include more than one scenario

(1pg) Sources cited page.

APA or other formal documentation method is not required.

All sources must be listed here and cited within the document.

Five to ten sources should be used when putting your plan together.

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