Organization interventions- individual project 5

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Week 5: How Other Companies Have Transformed Themselves

Review the case studies that are listed below. Choose 2 case studies for use in your assignment. Detail the changes made in their transformational change, highlighting the similarities and differences between their change plans and the one that you have created.

Summarize what you have learned about transformational change plans, and explain how they can help companies such as the ones listed.

Library Access for Case Studies


Access the Library, and review the case studies that you would like to use in the assignment. Once you have chosen them, use the citations from the list below.

Case Studies

Borst, G. (2008, February 14). Toyota tackles an audacious goal: How to lead an organization through transformational change. Gallup Management Journal Online, 1–5.

Greenhalgh, L., McKersie, R. B., & Gilkey, R. W. (1986). Rebalancing the workforce at IBM: A case study of redeployment and revitalization. Organizational Dynamics, 14(4), 30–47.

Helyar, J. (2002). Will Harley-Davidson hit the wall? Fortune, 146(3), 120–124.

Lääperi, A., & Torkkeli, M. (2013). Case study: Challenges in innovation management through paradigm shifts in the mobile phone and smartphone markets. Manchester: The International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM).

Paynter, B. (2010). Super style me. Fast Company, (149), 104–112.

Schlender, B. (2007). The iPhone on training wheels. Fortune, 156(11), 54.

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