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There is hardly any person who has never bought or tasted any home-made or commercially produced ice cream. About 41. 38% have purchased ice cream once a week and Haagen Dazs was chosen as their favorite brand. Among the available flavors in the market, chocolate (62. 50%) and vanilla (50. 00%) are still the old time favorite. Although most prefer regular ice cream (93. 33%), about 25% have tasted organic ice cream.

Due to the advancement of medicine and research, rapid information dissemination, and vast production of goods and services, consumers are aware of products that are sold in the market. Consumers these days do not only want to satisfy their palates, they also want what is best for their health. There is a growing market for organic fruits (68. 75%) and vegetables (87. 50%) and about 78. 57% are still not aware that organic ice cream exists in the market. However, about 57. 4% are willing to try it if the organic version taste as good or better than the regular version and if it is also healthier for them.

People are switching to organic fruits and vegetables to avoid pesticides and other chemicals that are not beneficial to their health (Nagourney, 2007). They want to have a more nutritious, safer and better food than non-organic. Since Haagen Dazs, a leading ice cream manufacturer, has never introduced organic ice cream, it can capture 87. 0% of the consumers who showed interest in trying the product produced by their favorite brand.

While there are still limited numbers of organic ice cream manufacturers, this is the best time for Haagen Dazs to introduce a product that does not only satisfy consumer’s palate but also enhance their well being. Another survey can be done to determine which among the organic ice cream fruit flavors would be most preferred by the consumers; e. g. strawberry, blueberry, etc. It would also be best to randomly survey an equal number of male and female participants.

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