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To learn how to apply SPCM to a process, continue the flowchart from Week 1 and identify variances within a process. You can find variances from the data identified in Week 1. 

 When calculating data keep it simple. Example:

The following is the registration times (for whatever) for each month in minutes.

Jan – 18           

Feb – 15

Mar – 20

Apr – 18

May – 21

Jun – 16

Jul – 15

Aug – 19

Sep – 21

Oct – 20

Nov – 17

Dec – 18

Add them up and divide by 12 and the monthly average for the year is 218/12 = 18.166 or round down to just 18 minutes. You just calculated data. 

If you copy the numbers (just each months number of minutes) I’ve provided into an excel spreadsheet, highlight the cells, go to “Insert” then go to the charts, click on the control chart, hit enter you’ll have a control chart. It is that simple.  Address each assignment objective as asked.

If you struggle with a control chart, check out this video:

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