Nursing nur 425 – week 8 assignment: primary, secondary and tertiary | Nursing

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Choose a health need to investigate.
From the following list, choose ONE health need to focus on for this assignment:

  • Health needs of men: prostate health, cardiovascular health, sexual dysfunction, alcohol abuse
  • Health needs of elderly: bone health, stroke care, cancer, social isolation

Step 2: Research the incidence and impact of this health need in the United States
Research the incidence and impact of the problem among the specified population. Use at least three scholarly sources (that is, peer-reviewed journal articles or websites written by a group that has expertise and strong credentials in the field of interest). Make sure that you use APA format to properly cite sources used.

Step 3: Propose prevention strategies.
Propose two relevant population-based strategies at each level of prevention (primary, secondary, and tertiary). For example, two strategies for primary prevention, two for secondary and two for tertiary prevention. It is acceptable to either develop your own ideas or highlight strategies that actual community-based programs are doing.

Step 4: Summarize your findings and intervention proposals.

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