Nursing article summary and analysis

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In depth summary and analysis of six articles. articles are cited below.


Baughman, D. J., Jabbarpour, Y., Westfall, J. M., Jetty, A., Zain, A., Baughman, K., Pollak, B., & Waheed, A. (2022). Comparison of Quality Performance Measures for Patients Receiving In-Person vs Telemedicine Primary Care in a Large Integrated Health System. JAMA Network Open, 5(9), e2233267.

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‌ Noceda, A. V. G., Acierto, L. M. M., Bertiz, M. C. C., Dionisio, D. E. H., Laurito, C. B. L., Sanchez, G. A. T., & Amit, A. M. L. (2022). Patient satisfaction with telemedicine in the Philippines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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