Negotiation final assignment | MCO106

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Main task

Negotiation Journal and Reflections.

  •   You are expected to work on this assignment throughout the 2 weeks.
  •   Throughout Week 1 and Week 2 learning materials and tasks, you will find some exercises and
    questions that are there to promote reflective practice on the topics studied. You should reflect these into your Negotiation Journal and Reflections. You can also add any thoughts or analysis done from the other readings.
  •   The concept of this exercise is that “Reflection leads to learning”.
  •   Also share some of your experiences in negotiation.
  •   You can use the articles and documents made available to you on Moodle.
  1. Other details:
    •   Font size 12
    •   Double-spaced
    •   Number of words: 1000-1500
      All referencing and citations require Harvard referencing style.

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