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Compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout can be common in the counseling field if proper self-care is not maintained. This assignment will help you gain a better understanding of ethical responses regarding counselor self-care, supervision and consultation, and collaboration with other human service professionals.

Create an 8 to 10 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you 

  • Describe the ethical importance of counselor self-care. 
  • Describe the importance of self-care for counselors.
  • Explain how self-care upholds a counselor’s professional ethical responsibilities
  • Explain ways to ensure self-care.
  • Discuss methods for preventing compassion fatigue.
  • Discuss methods for incorporating proper clinical supervision.
  • Discuss methods for appropriate collaboration and consultation with colleagues and other human services professionals.
  • Include a bulleted list that provides at least 1 daily and 2 weekly tasks or behaviors you plan to do to maintain your self-care.

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