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Scenario: Imagine you have a client who could benefit from cognitive intervention. You want her to have some strategies to practice at home before your next session. Create a trifold counseling pamphlet and demonstrate the techniques for her.

Use either the Brochure Builder Template or create a free account on Canva to access brochure templates.

First, create a trifold counseling pamphlet in which you:

  • Explain the CBT or REBT assumptions of human nature. 
  • Describe how automatic thoughts and cognitive distortions from CBT are addressed. 
  • Describe how the ABC model is used from the REBT approach.
  • Select one theory and describe how it uses evidence-based techniques to address client concerns. 
  • Note: You may wish to review the literature resources used in this week’s University Library link. Be sure to cite any sources used.
  • Include any other relevant details and/or examples that will help you explain the theory and technique to a client.
  • Include creative and visually appealing elements.
  • Cite 3 scholarly r3ferences in the pamphlet (in addition to the textbook).

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