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Choosing one of the following recent news reports as a starting point, and using material in Bracken for historical and contemporary context, write a 2,500 word paper from the perspective of a junior U.S. government analyst compiling a report for their immiediate superior.  Your report should a) summarize the core issues; b) provide relevant historical and contemporary political context; c) assess what you perceive to be any immediate or long term threats to American interests; and d) outline two or three possible courses of action for the U.S. to take beyond any steps already taken.  Please make sure to cite sources where relevant for Bracken, the article, and any other materials you consult in writing this paper. 

1. North Korea tests ICBMLinks to an external site.

2. Russia suspends particiaption in New START TreatyLinks to an external site.

3. Iran’s enriched uraniumLinks to an external site.

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