Navigating employee groups discussion and deliverable

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 As a health care manager in training, you have been learning about the application of motivational strategies and diversity, equity, and inclusion practices essential for promoting a positive organizational culture. You will practice your skills by reviewing a scenario, brainstorming as part of a task force, and compiling a recommendation.

The health care industry, like other industries, is a very competitive environment. As organizational behavior in health care companies evolves, it will be even more important to consider the future use of learning about and applying concepts of organizational behavior and the need for continuing education. 

After a productive year with a medical waste management company, Justin has now been tasked with implementing a company-wide policy change to require continuing education. Each employee will now be required to complete 2 hours of continuing education each year. Justin’s supervisor has asked him to create an implementation plan of this company-wide change. Justin is pulling together a cross-departmental team to brainstorm the best way to communicate and implement this change with the smoothest transition; you are part of this small task force.

Each small group will actively participate in this discussion throughout the week as you brainstorm ideas for communication, employee buy-in, and possible roadblocks.  

Consider the following topics in your brainstorm:

  • Reasoning and possible impact of the policy change
  • Possible barriers and solutions to address them
  • How to gain employee buy-in
  • Job performance
  • Job satisfaction
  • Motivational techniques
  • The best way to communicate the change throughout the company
  • The best way to track it/keep employees accountable to the change

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