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Thesis Statement: Narcotics have valuable medical uses, however, illegal and excessive use of narcotics can endanger people’s lives because of its damaging effects on the mind and body.

I.Narcotics Education
B.Kinds of Narcotics
C.Characteristics and Medical Uses
II.Narcotics Abuse
A.Causes of Abuse
B.Tolerance and Withdrawal
III.Effects of Narcotics Abuse
A.Effects on the Person
B.Effects on the Family
C.Effects on the Community
IV.Treatment of Drug Abuses


Narcotics play a big role in the field of medicine. It has a capability to reduce pain that you are feeling and even helps you to avoid anxiousness. But these drugs should be use properly or else it can cause a big damage in your health. It is very important for us to know something about these things. The study and findings that I have done regarding narcotics is really an important thing because you will be able to know how bad it can affects you when too much used and you will know how to avoid and fight against it.



There are many kinds of drugs, and narcotics are one of them. Narcotics don’t always have bad results in one’s health. In fact, it’s one of the drugs that help ill people to reduce tension, anxiety and aggression. They are also effective pain relievers, used in cough medicine preparation and can induce sleep. These effects are really helpful when it comes on therapeutic setting but when improperly used, narcotics have adverse effects that may lead to abuse, and it will have a big effect on health of an individual who is involve. It can endanger people’s lives because of its damaging effects on the mind and body. The effects of narcotics abuse is felt not only by the individual but by the family, community, and society as well.


The term “Narcotic” was derived from a Greek word which means “to make numb.” Narcotics are drugs that relieve pain and induce sleep by depressing the central nervous system. Narcotics, primarily analgesics, produce several affects that relieve pain and induces narcosis that causes sleep. Narcotics, if administered prior to an operation, can enhance sedation and reduce apprehension and anxiety. These drugs have a very high potential for abuse.

KINDS OF NARCOTICS, CHARACTERISICS, AND THEIR MEDICINAL USES 1.OPIUM – It is extracted from the seedpod of the poppy. It produces a gummy resin that creates narcotic effect. It can relieve severe pain, induces sleep, relieve anxiety and depression.

2.MORPHINE – It is extracted from opium in 1805 and later synthesized in its pure form. It is sold as a white powder in the drug market which is also
called Dreamer or Miss Emma.

3.CODEINE – This is produced from gum of opium and has much milder effects. The common street name for codeine is School Boy.

4.HEROIN – It is synthesized from morphine but more powerful. It is used to help people to overcome their addiction to morphine. It is commonly called Horse, Junk Smack, and Scag.

According to the National Statistics Office (2005), about 56.35% of the cases of drug abuse had friends or peers as the primary source of drugs. The causes of drug abuse are:
1.Pressure from peers;
2.Form of escape from problems and woes;
3.Relief from chronic pain caused by cancer and other diseases;
4.Psychological disorders, such as depression or emotional distress;
5.Use as a way out from stress of family life, work, and other concerns; and
6.Thrill and enjoyment in seemingly routine life.


Narcotics abuse is the nonmedical use of narcotics. Narcotics abuse is widespread among the young people and the adults, as well as the poor and wealthy. It is, indeed, harmful and even life-threatening. It can ruin one’s life and one’s family. It can break down a person’s character, thus leading to the commission of criminal acts and even suicide.


Tolerance is the condition where the standard doses of narcotics produce less effect or a person develops a state of resistance to the effects if the drug. Because of tolerance, the effect of narcotics diminishes with their chronic use. Thus, to maintain the same level of narcotic effect, a person must take more of it. Withdrawal is the reaction of the body when the regular use of narcotics is stopped. The narcotics dependent person experiences a withdrawal syndrome. In general, the symptoms of withdrawal include cramp, defecation, vomiting, and an increase in systolic blood pressure. A person who is excessively dependent may experience convulsions, respiratory failure, and death.


The effects of narcotics abuse are similar but they differ in the degree of intensity, rate of onset, and the development of dependence.


2.Loss of appetite
3.Inability to sleep well
4.May develop diseases such as hepatitis, tetanus, AIDS.
5.Skin abscesses
6.Inflammation of the veins
7.Congestion of the lungs
8.Loss of enthusiasm for work or study
9.Loss of personal care and hygiene
10. Psychological and physical dependence upon the drug


1.Neglected responsibilities
2.Difficulty in keeping a job
3.Financial difficulty
4.Shame and embarrassment to the other family members
5.Disorganized and unhappy family


1.Increased incidence of crime
2.Occurrence of different kinds of accidents, especially if the narcotic dependent is driving a vehicle.
3.Rampant stealing
4.Economic destabilization due to less manpower


Detoxification is the most common form of drug treatment. This is a process of eliminating a person’s dependent on drugs. Part of the detoxification process is to decrease the daily dose of drugs that the dependent person takes and thus gradually reduce withdrawal symptoms. Another method of dealing with drug dependent people is to form a support group of fellow drug dependents. They share their experiences and learn from one another. Together, they recover from their dependence and get better.

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